New Single Release Janu Rahadi, “Don’t Let Me Be”


Janu Rahadi is a singer and a songwriter from East Jakarta. Throughout his life, he has encountered several music careers. He is the drummer of Kalabiru and a rapper under the name of Jarakata. With the aim of taking a new step in his musical career, he is now trying to focus more on his solo as Janu Rahadi. Due to his influnce by the alternative pop genre from the early 2000s such as Incubus, One Republic, Stone Sour, etc, his musical arrangement is a mixed between folk, alternative and pop sound. Through his lyrics, Janu Rahadi offers realness and raw emotions to those who listen and also hopes that people
would not only be entertained with his music, but also could embrace the beauty of honesty.

Don’t Let Me Be will be the first single debut track of Janu Rahadi. Today, Janu Rahadi’s single has been released (Monday 19th August). Don’t Let Me Be is a song about loneliness, not in a dark way but in a sense of not knowing what to do in the midst of a chaos city of Jakarta. As we have all been through this on daily basis, we agree that it is humane to feel astray when we realize we have been letting our life passes by in front of our very eyes. Therefore through this song, Janu Rahadi wants be an eye opener for
those who have been drowned and hoping to save them from themselves.

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